ACADEMIC YEAR 2017 – 2018

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. YouTube Video List
  3. Anti-Bullying Activities (K – 6)
  4. Anti-Bullying Posters (Arabic & English)

1. Introduction

GBA = Zero Tolerance for bullying

Global Bilingual Academy School (GBA) has a zero tolerance policy for bullying.

Part of our mission statement is to:

Provide a learning environment that is safe, orderly and positively geared to making students feel valued, challenged, supported and encouraged to pursue self-discovery and become lifelong inquiry-based learners.

Our plan to uphold this policy:

  • Strong, consistent and effective discipline rules and procedures
  • Administration, teaching staff, support staff reinforce, model and support zero tolerance policy for bullying
  • Yearly Anti-bullying month

Year 1 – 2014 – 2015:

  • Students educated to differentiate between ‘Buddy’ and ‘Bully’ behaviors
  • Student made anti-bullying posters and slogans visible around the school
  • Common gesture and word to stop bulling developed among students, teachers, parents and staff: “Hand stretched, palm up and say “Stop”.
  • Chosen school slogan:


Year 2 – 2015 – 2016

  • October is Anti-bullying month.
  • Daily classroom activities supporting school values of tolerance, respect and friendship, included in teachers’ newsletters and lesson plans.
  • An activities package was shared with the whole staff.
  • The story of “One” was read to all classes.
  • Class visits to reinforce the concepts learned and enroll a student ‘Task force’ were made. Students who stood up to bullies got to wear an ‘Anti-bullying” T-shirt for that day in their classes. They were the Anti-Bullying police
  • A guest speakers came to the speak to the students
  • Students showcased what they have learned during a general assembly.

Year 3- 2016-2017

This year saw more students’ involvement. In addition to classroom activities, guest speakers, selected students visited other classes and spread anti-bullying awareness by giving 5-minute presentations to other students. During the general assembly

  • Grade 3 presented a video about bullying
  • Grade 5 presented a PowerPoint presentation about Cyber-bullying

Grade 5’s work was selected to be included in the Kuwait First Conference for Protecting Children from the Risks of Social Media Activities organized by the Ministry of Education on 21st-23RdMarch 2017. Our students presented a short skit at the conference.

Year 4 – 2017 – 2018

Our goal for this year is to stress the positive in a “BE KIND” and “STOP BULLYING”. We will continue with the anti-bullying awareness among the students, parents and staff. Equally, we want to promote “KINDNESS” in our words and actions!

2. YouTube Video List

1. Filling the Bucket

2. Anti-Bullying skits

3. A short movie in Arabic

Synopsis “Known as Nagafa (aka Booger) among his classmates, 10-year-old Ahmad tries to overcome peer intimidation caused by the class bully, Omar. In spite of the supportive vibes around him, only Ahmad can save himself when he lands in a troubled situation”.

4. Sesame Street: Don’t be a bully

5. Happy to be me – Sesame Street

6. “Seeing” Me for Me: Teaching bullying prevention to grades K-3 at the Byrnes Health Education Center

3. Suggestions for Anti-Bullying Activities

Anti Bullying Skits – Skits-O-Mania

These anti bullying skits are great for classroom and school use to teach children about not bullying. The Professor and the Bullies; The Super Hero Bullies Anti-Bullying Activities (K-3) by Nancy Wilcox Richards | TpT

Use this anti-bullying resource to help raise the awareness about the effects of bullying. This resource includes: Bully/Buddy Writing Flip Book, Color and B&W (with …

4. Anti-Bullying Posters (Arabic & English)

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