Employment FAQs

Can Teachers save from their salary?

Yes, definitely. While this is always dependent on the lifestyle a person lives, many teachers reportedly save over half of their salary.

What are the benefits for overseas hires?

Salaries and benefits are mentioned in details in the Salaries and benefits section

In which currency will I receive my salary?

Salaries are paid in Kuwaiti Dinars.

Does the school recruit teaching couples?

Yes, we recruit singles, couples and families.

Is Kuwait a safe place to live and work?

Kuwait is an extremely safe and peaceful country. You can check other expats options and experience about living in Kuwait on the following websites.

Do women drive in Kuwait?

Yes, most women drive in Kuwait.

Does one need a car in Kuwait?

You can find that the majority of teachers own cars although the school provides a bus to and from the school.

Does one share an apartment?

No, Singles have their own apartment.

What are the activities that one can do in Kuwait?

There are a variety of activities. These include running clubs, reading groups, golf, Basketball, Cinemas and shopping. You can check all details about living in Kuwait and activities that can be done in the school through living in Kuwait guide.

What are the basic requirements for employment?

  • English native speakers.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Education from an accredited USA/ Canadian university
  • If applying for Arabic, Islamic Studies, or other language positions, bachelors degree specialized in the subject area.
  • Teaching license, endorsement or certification from a USA/Canada jurisdiction.
  • Two-years of teaching experience.

Does the school recruit native speakers of English from countries other than the USA and Canada?

Occasionally, and as per demands, teachers of other nationalities are hired, but preference is given to USA/ Canadian certified teachers

Are there restrictions on working permits?

Yes. You must have good health and a clear criminal record. Work permits are not usually granted to those who have reached the age of sixty.

Do you offer one-year contracts?

Our contracts are one year or 2 years contracts renewed annually.

What job fairs do representatives of the school attend?

Representatives of GBA attend many Search Associates fairs

Do you hire outside of recruitment fairs?

If someone meets our requirements from those who applied online or through the recruitment sites, we can hire teachers via Skype interviews. We welcome current teacher recommendations/referrals, etc.

What documents will I require when applying?

  • Degrees/ Diplomas
  • Teaching Certification/License
  • University Transcripts
  • Passport that is valid for at least one year from June of the year of hire.
  • Cover letter and resume that with details for education and teaching experience.

Are there additional documents required for married couples and families?

Yes, Marriage license and Birth certificates of children will be required.

How long has the school been opened?

Global Bilingual Academy (GBA) was opened in September of 2014.

What is the Student/Teacher Ratio?

The maximum number of students in a classroom is 24. However, we provide teacher assistants from per-k to Gr 5

What are the school's expectations regarding technology usage in the classroom?

All Classrooms are equipped with Smart boards of which teachers are required to undergo training.

What type of private health insurance is provided?

School is always looking to provide our employees with the best health insurance services. We provide health insurance coverage form leading healthcare company in the country, offering support to most of the medical services.

What is the distance between the teacher housing and the school?

Usually, it takes between 5-10 minutes by car. (Click here to view our housing)

What are the nationalities of the students?

As with most Bilingual Schools in Kuwait, the majority of the students are Kuwaiti nationals.

What kind of facilities does GBAS have?

  • Smart Boards in all classrooms.
  • 3D Cinema.
  • Auditorium.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Kindergarten playing area
  • Open playing area.
  • Soccer Field.
  • Two indoor playing areas.
  • Two Computer labs.
  • Library.
  • Two Art Rooms.
  • Science Lab
  • Canteen
  • Staff Lounge

What are the working hours?

The working days are from Sunday to Thursday, and working hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

What are the school holidays?

The School Calendar can be found on our website school calendar. GBAS calendar includes most American holidays and all Kuwaiti and Islamic holidays.

How many teaching periods per week?

Teaching periods does not exceed 24 period per week.

Can I bring a dependent with me to Kuwait, or transfer their residency onto my GBAS residency?

You can always bring any dependents to Kuwait after you obtain legal residency. GBAS is not responsible for obtaining residency for any dependent family members. We will not be held responsible for any late fees, fines, or other expenses related to delays in obtaining residency for the GBAS employee dependents. All such fees must be done by the employee. GBAS does not provide any assistance to employees in obtaining residency for dependents. We can only provide information on procedures and paperwork requirements.

How long will it take to get my residency and work permit?

The Human Resource department requires 4 months for new and transferred residencies. Once this process has commenced you are to consult the HR department prior to arranging any travel out of Kuwait.

What are the postal facilities like in Kuwait?

You can use a courier service or postal service to send or receive documents or important mail. You can find postal services like FedEx, DHL and or Aramex.

What is the Police Clearance Certificate and why do I need it for residency?

As of October 2009, the Government of Kuwait requires that all non-Kuwaiti citizens applying for Kuwaiti residency for the first time provide a police clearance certificate from their home country. Please note that this document must be authenticated by the Kuwait Embassy and Ministry of foreign affairs in the country where the Police Clearance was issued.

Are there any companies that can perform the authentication paperwork for me?

Yes, there are several companies that perform authentication services. Though time consuming, most teachers are able to complete the lengthy authentication procedures without using an outside service. Below are three companies (of many) that offer authentication services at a fee.

What is the Staff dress code?

Teachers are permitted to follow the “business casual” dress code as long as it is modest and presentable. Further details can be found in the Staff Handbook.

Will my employer be contacted for a reference check?

Either before or after the offer of employment, we reserve the right to contact your current or past employer(s) in order to obtain a character and/or professional reference.

Can I bring my pets with me?

Yes, you may on your own expenses. For additional information concerning details that should be put into consideration and necessary documents, please check the PAWS Kuwait website, www.paws-kuwait.org.