GBA’s Counseling Program

The primary focus for kindergarten children is social, emotional and cognitive development. In this department, we offer children emotional regulation support. We create a space where children can play and express themselves to guide them into developing their emotional and mental skills. We collaborate with teachers and parents to ensure that our children receive consistent support and intervention. Through individual and/or group sessions, children are encouraged to explore their personalities in safe environments. This aids in the process of happy and healthy children.

Elementary counseling includes academic support, organizational, study skills, test-taking skills, goal setting, and decision-making. Elementary counseling primarily educates children on understanding self and others, developing healthy peer relationships, coping strategies, conflict resolution and effective social skills.

Middle and High School:
On the Middle and High School levels, the Counseling and Guidance program is delivered by counselors and class advisors. Counselors assist students with their academic plans. They offer classroom guidance activities on study skills, goal setting, decision making, leadership, and career development. Counselors help with transition planning for life after high school. They identify at-risk students and implement interventions.
Counselors help with transition planning for life after high school. They help students with college applications, using the school’s CEEB (College Entrance Examination Board) code. High School students use our school’s CEEB code to make sure all their information is properly identified and sent to the right place